What the Miami Dolphins Scandal Has Taught Us (So Far)


1. Intelligent players, especially those who graduate from prestigious universities, have no place in the NFL or Miami Dolphins locker room.

2. The entire Miami Dolphins franchise has not one atom of PR acumen.

3. NFL culture is even worse than most people believed.

4. Instant news may generate fast information about events, but not good information.

5. An alarming proportion of the public is not bright enough to distinguish between benign initiation rites (as silly as they may be) and malignant, even criminal, harassment.

6. We should all be watching English Premier League soccer instead.

7. Such a frivolous double-standard for using the “N-word” makes it far less serious for everyone to use.

8. Though there are a lot of competent ESPN commentators, many don’t have the judgement or intellect for their prominent positions.

9. Life-threatening concussions, frequent and serious “routine” injuries, the loathsome NFL culture and our changing nation mean pro football’s decline has begun.


New York Theater: Making the Most of Your Time and Money

With Hollywood A-List celebrities maneuvering for the Broadway stage and television shows like “Glee” and “Smash” drawing more attention to life on the boards, the spotlight on New York theater may be shining brighter than ever.

As someone who spends way too much money attending shows across the city, I’m frequently asked how to have a good experience without breaking the bank. After all, the best orchestra seats for the top-selling Broadway shows can be pricey — ranging from about $130 to three times that amount. Or more.

Not long ago, I wrote a series on just this topic for EuroCheapo a premier website for less-expensive travel in Europe and New York. Here they are:

Seven Ways to Save on Broadway Tickets.  You’re headed to New York and heard all about that spectacular show with huge stars on Broadway. Figuring no trip to New York is truly complete without a trip to the theater — and you’d be right about that — you rush online to buy tickets, pull up the prices and — boom! — get knocked back by sticker shock.

Head Off Broadway for Great Shows and Cheaper Tickets. A few aficionados may quibble on London’s West End, but ask most people in the know and you’ll quickly discover that New York City is the world center for theater. Stand in Times Square on any Friday night and there are literally hundreds of performances taking place on stages in every direction.

NYC: How to Make the Most of Your Night at the Theater. If you’ve ever seen the full price of Broadway tickets in New York City, you may still remember the shock. The good news is that with all kinds of ticket discounts and show options, you rarely need to drop top dollar for an exceptional experience.